1. […] on leave a comment under the title. And if you like this article please share it with others below.I don't know about you but I actually though we had moved past using bloodsucking leeches for holist…ster. Most call it the BS detector I call it the BS Monster. BS stands for Belief System and like my […]

  2. DD

    I actually have to disagree. While many people find the idea of using leeches as barbaric or archaic, leeches are used in today’s world of medicine to reduce complications from factors such as blood clots. There are also many people with genetic disorders such as hemochromatosis that can benefit from leech therapy without having to see a doctor twice a week. If a person is so closed-minded as to not consider the benefits of a naturally occuring, medicinal treatment, let them be the ones to visit a doctor’s office. They can visit the doctor twice a week and pay the outrageous prices brought about by the greed and stupidity of those who sue others for their lack of common sense.

  3. gemstar

    I have been experiencing leech therapy for the second year in a row. We’re using it for the chronic inflammation I have in my hip joints. Mainstream med can only offer me steroid shots, which IMO is not option for me. The leeches are helping!!!!!

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