Everything You Need to Know About CBD

As most countries decriminalize and legalize the use of CBD products, more and more people are embracing their use than ever. It’s now a common thing to find individuals in these states ordering and using cbd products almost on daily basis. Assuming you are one of those interested in CBD products, you’d probably want to know a few things before you can start using them. Gathering sufficient information will help you decide whether CBD is good for you or not. In this post, we will answer some of the most important questions people ask regarding CBD. Keep reading keenly and we bet you will have enough information to make a decision by the time you are done reading this post. We have written it with great attention to detail so have confidence with us.

What You Need To Know Regarding CBD

1. What is CBD

CBD, also called cannabidiol is the 2nd most occurring active ingredient of marijuana (cannabis). It’s extracted directly from marijuana or hemp plant and used for medical purposes.

Although cannabidiol is itself a component of marijuana, it doesn’t cause you to feel “high”. In other words, it is not psychoactive. Various researches have been done to find out whether it’s safe for use by a human being. So far results have shown that there is no evidence that the component leads to any health-associated issue – a likely indication that it’s safe (for individuals of all ages).

2. Hemp Plant CBD VS Marijuana CBD

Perhaps you have heard people talking of hemp and marijuana and wondered what the difference is and why they are all associated with CBD.

Going straight to the point, these are species of Cannabis Sativa and they all contain varied proportions of CBD. In regards to this, the hemp plant has a higher concentration of CBD than its counterpart marijuana.

3. Does CBD Impact Your Health in any way?

There are very many health benefits associated with the use of CBD products. Primarily, cannabidiol is used for medical purposes to avert various disorders. For example, it’s used to:

– Alleviate insomnia

– To curb stress, anxiety, and pain

– Treat cancer

– Treat acne

– Treat epilepsy

– Alzheimer’s disease

– Parkinson disease

– Arthritis

– muscle spasms and

– glaucoma among many other conditions

Note that you should not use CBD to treat the above disorders without the proper guidance of a qualified medical officer. Doing so can cause problems or in the worst case complicate your issues.

How Does CBD Work?

Although CBD may not work instantly for all users, it does work if used as advised. But how does it work? Well, let find out when taken orally, CBD interacts with your body’s ECS (Endocannabinoid) system thereby affecting various body processes such as sleep, mood, and memory. Normally, the ECS has 3 components which are receptor, enzymes, and Endocannabinoids. These components work jointly to create a “balance” (homeostasis) in the body.

There are two sorts of ECS receptors. These are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The former is found in the CNS (Central Nervous System) and is responsible for coordinating mood, memory, pain, appetite, etc., while the latter is found in the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System) and governs pain and inflammations.

When you ingest CBD, it combines with these receptors and thus altering the way ECS functions.

Why CBD Might Not Work For You

Some people have complained that CBD does not work for them and wondered what the problem could be. To help you understand better, consider the following possible reason why CBD may not work

1. Incorrect Dosage

One of the key things that can cause CBD not to work for you is incorrect dosage. Although the risks of using over or under-dosage are almost negligible, you must take the right quantity for the best results. Experts advise you to consult with a qualified physician when deciding on the right dosage.

2. Increased Tolerance

In some cases, it is possible for your body to develop tolerance to CBD oil. When this happens, you will hardly notice any health benefits. The only solution you have is to alter the dosage – increase your dosage slightly and check whether everything goes right.

3. Unsuitable Method of Administration

There are various methods of taking CBD products. For example topically, orally, or even sublingually. If you notice one method of application not working, try another and you could experience faster results.

4. Short Term Use

In most cases and to most individuals, CBD products may not work immediately. You may need to keep using them for a while before you start seeing results.

Can Pets Use CBD?

If you have pets at home, you would want to know whether your furry friends can use CBD products or not. According to experts, it’s safe for pets to take CBD products as it’s safe for humans. The same benefits you get from these products are the same benefits your pet will get. This means you can give CBD biscuits to your pets in case you notice stress, depression, or anxiety. However, make sure that you do some research on things such as dosages and possible side effects.

Are There Possible Side Effects of CBD Products?

This is among the most important questions you should have answers to before you make the decision to use CBD or not.Although a lot of research needs to be done on whether there are side effects or not, some sources indicating that cannabidiol can cause:

– Diarrhea

– Liver impacts

– Increased drowsiness

– Appetite changes

– Adverse interactions with your other medications etc.

Will CBD Make Me “High” The straightforward answer is NO. CBD is not psychoactive as THC. It’s THC that makes you high and not CBD.

The Bottom Line

CBD products are more than you think. They will help you get rid of various health conditions and thereby improve your wellbeing. You should however be cautious when using these products if you must reap maximum benefits. Don’t be tempted to self-medicate yourself if you have no knowledge of how CBD works on your body. Seek experts’ advice and adhere to them. That way you will be safe and reap maximum benefits for your health.